2020/2021 Season
Due to the global pandemic, this theatre season looks different than prior BTA seasons, however students will have even more opportunities to expand their talents, collaborate with others, and design and create characters, stories, and worlds.  For now, the theatre department has a virtual first semester, student written one acts, and a live second semester.  Please note that all performance dates, titles, and venues are subject to change, and spring titles will be announced when more is known.  Thank you for your flexibility and for supporting Bexley students and live theatre.

10 Ways to Survive Life in a Quarantine and Do You Read Me
Grade 4-5 Virtual Plays
Auditions:  September 1 and 2
Callbacks:  September 3
Crew Interviews: September 4
Shows:  October 8,9,10 at 7:00PM
October 10 at 2:00PM
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The All-New All-Different Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon and The Internet is Distract-Oh Look a Kitten!
Middle School Virtual Plays
Auditions:  September 8 
Callbacks:  September 9
Crew Interviews: September 10
Shows: October 22 at 7:00PM, October 23 at 7:30PM,
October 24 at 2PM and 7:30PM
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She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms
and Game of Tiaras
High School Virtual Plays
Auditions: September 14
Callbacks:  September 15
Crew Interviews:  September 17
She Kills Monsters: Nov 5 at 7PM, Nov 6-7 at 7:30PM, Nov 7 at 2PM
Game of Tiaras:  Nov 19 at 7PM, Nov 20-21 at 7:30PM, Nov 21 at 2
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The Restaurant at the End of the Universe  (student written scenes)
High School One Act Festival
Play Submission Deadline:  November 15
Auditions and Crew Interviews: November 30
Show: January 11 at 7:00PM
Cassingham Theater

Title TBA
Middle School Musical
Auditions:  October 26 and 27
Callbacks: October 28
Crew Interviews: November 4
Shows: February 4 at 7:00PM, February 5 at 7:30PM, February 6 at 2:00PM and 7:30PM
Schottenstein Theater

Super Bowl Commercials
Middle School One Act
Auditions and Crew Interviews: February 8
Show:  February 22 at 7:00PM
Cassingham Theater

Title TBA
Theatre Ensemble Play
Shows:  March 10 and 11 at 7:00PM
Dargusch Theater

Title TBA
High School Musical
Auditions:  January 12 and 13
Callbacks:  January 14
Crew Interviews: January 19
Shows:  April 15 at 7:00, April 16 at 7:30, April 17 at 2:00 and 7:30
Schottenstein Theater

Improv Show!
April 23 at 7:30PM Cassingham Theater

Title TBA
Theatre Ensemble Play
Shows:  April 29 and 30 at 7:00PM
Dargusch Theater

Grade 1-3 Drama Camp 
Camp Dates: May 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Dargusch Theater

Grade 4-5 Musical
Auditions:  February 23 and 24
Callbacks:  February 25
Crew Interviews:  March 1 and 2
Shows:  May 20, 21, 22 at 7:00PM, May 22 at 2:00PM
Schottenstein Theater

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