All-Ohio Show

The All-Ohio show presents Thespians with the amazing opportunity to perform/tech a show involving a professional director and technical director and a cast and crew chosen from Thespians all over Ohio.  In order to participate, a student must be an inducted Thespian and has to audition/interview.  As many students audtiion/interview for a limited number of roles, students must be as professional and prepared as possible.  It is an honor to be on the cast or crew.

Students in All-Ohio show must attend three rehearsal weekends as well as rehearsal the Friday of State Conference, State Conference, and any benefit performances.  The three rehearsal weekends are Martin Luther King, Jr weekend (Friday through Monday), President's Day Weekend (Friday thorough Monday), the weekend before state conference (Friday through Sunday), and State Conference weekend including the Thursday before and all day on Friday.  As there are so few rehearsals/builds, participants are not allowed to miss any.  This year, all rehearsals will take place in Central Ohio, so little travel is required. 

The following Bexley students have been involved in All-Ohio in the past:
Leah Apothaker (All Shook Up)
Erica Layman (Indian Blood, Good News!, The Laramie Project)
Dani Moyer (All Shook Up)
Orianna Rodriguez (Good N' Plenty)
Kyle Russo (Good N' Plenty)
Dan Weisman (All Shook Up)
Ali Winters (Indian Blood, Good News!, The Laramie Project)

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