Bye Bye Birdie Cast List

Here is the cast list for Bye Bye Birdie.  Many great actors , singers and dancers auditioned, and casting this play was extremely tough.  

The first play practice will be on Monday, September 11th.   You will receive your scripts, packets, program pictures, and  costume measurements during this rehearsal.  Please see the rehearsal calendar below to know when you have rehearsal over the next week. It is extremely important that you attend all rehearsals you are required to go to, especially during dance.   Rehearsal packets, checks and fees page, the rehearsal calendar, and the character/scene/song breakdown will be available for download off of this website under the Forms tab shortly.  Packets, the checks and fees page, and money are all due on October 10th.  Please contact Ms Rhinehart at if you have any questions or concerns, or if you have to miss a rehearsal for any reason.

Thank you again for auditioning!  It takes a lot of guts to get up there and audition, and having so many talented students is an amazing blessing, but also a curse when it comes to casting. 

Upcoming Rehearsal Schedule

Friday, September 8:  Albert and Rosie 3:30-5:00PM  Dargusch

Monday, September 11:  WHOLE CAST  3:30-4:30 Blosser's Room

Tuesday, September 12:  Acting 5:00-7:30  TBD

Wednesday, September 13:  Vocals  3:30-4:15 WHOLE CAST;  Dance Albert and Feature Dancer/Sad Girl 3:30-5:30 Dargusch

Thursday, September 14:  Vocals 3:30-5:30 ALL;  tap dancers 3:30-5:30 Dargusch

Friday, September 15:  Vocals TBD Leads

Please note, there are many chorus roles/solos that will be assigned during the rehearsal process.


Albert Peterson:  Liam Flanigan

Rose Alverez:  Rachel Gold

Mrs. Doris MacAfee:  Emma Goodney

Mr. Harry MacAfee:  Andrew Stone

Mrs. Mae Peterson:  Lexi Lape

Conrad Birdie:  Felix Underwood

Mayor:  Brit Unangst

Mayor’s Wife:  Emma Beckman

Mrs. Merkle:  Gabby Jonas

Gloria Rasputin:  Anna Old

Mr. Johnson:  Tom Nakasako

Maude:  Alex Westley-Sherman

Shriners: Dylan Abel, Zach Brooks, Ethan Davis, Nate Eisenberg, Aden Flora, Tom Nakasako, Sam Schulman, Zach Shapiro, Spencer Stevenson, Brit Unangst, Alex Westley-Sherman

Phyllis:  Elizabeth White

Police Officer:  Sam Adler

First Reporter:  Camden Burris

Third Reporter:  Mimi Calhoun

Traveler:  Sam Schulman

Train Engineer:  Tom Nakasko

Townspeople Chorus: Ethan Adcock, Viviane Banion, Emma Beckman, Julia Blank, Camden Burris, Mimi Calhoun, Kat Clymer, Emma Goodney, Tess Hoch, Makenzie Holt, Liv Ibanez, Gabby Jonas, Rosa Jones, Tom Nakasako, Gabby Nelson, Natalie Noble, Abigail O’Koon, Abby Palmer, Brad Robertson-Boyd, Henry Ruckel, Alyssa Russo, Hannah Spangle, Andrew Stone, Alex Westley-Sherman, Elizabeth White


Teens (and preteens)

Kim MacAfee:  Mia Flora

Ursula Merkle:  Clare Martin

Randolph MacAfee:  Henry Ruckel

Hugo Peabody:  Jacob Cohen

Alice:  Julia Blank

Margie:  Lexi Moore

Harvey Johnson:  Ethan Davis

Deborah Sue:  Katie Millard

Sad Girl/Featured Dancer: Lexi Moore

Fred:  Zach Shapiro

Lee:  Dylan Abel

Girl voice:  Coco Gonzalez

Penelope:  Greta Nelson

Man’s Voice:  Aden Flora

Another Voice:  Link Floyd

Third Voice:  Alex Imwalle

Fourth Voice:  Nate Eisenberg

One Girl:  Noelle Smith

Teen Chorus:  Dylan Abel, Sam Adler, Zach Brooks, Jacob Cohen, Ethan Davis, Nate Eisenberg, Aden Flora, Mia Flora, Link Floyd, Coco Gonzalez, Mary Goodney, Alex Imwalle, Jarkynai Kadyrova, Clare Martin, Katie Millard, Lexi Moore, Greta Nelson, Anna Old, Sam Schulman, Zach Shapiro, Noelle Smith, Ella Stevens, Spencer Stevenson, Brit Unangst, Zoe Wenger, Lydia Wicks

Featured Dancers

Featured Dancer/Sad Girl:  Lexi Moore

Featured Tappers:  Ethan Davis, Anna Old, Zach Shapiro, Spencer Stevenson, Andrew Stone, Brit Unangst 

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