Every year, Bexley Theatre Arts participates in four different Thespian and Jr. Thespian conferences which allow us to grow into even better Thespians.  While there are some activities in which only inducted Thespians and Jr. Thespians can participate, a student does not need to be an inducted Thespian or Jr. Thespian in order to attend conference.  The Bexley Theatre Parents provide scholarships for students to attend conferences.  All scholarships are kept strictly confidential.  Please e-mail Rebecca Rhinehart at for more details.
Thespian LEAD

Formerly known as ThesFest, Thespians spend the day with the STOs learning great new things to take back to their own troupes.  Jr. Thespians spend the day planning the theme for the Jr Thespian Conference.  Lead stands for Leadership Education and Advocacy Day.

For:  Grades 6-12
Date:  October 6
Est. Time: 8:30AM-3PM
Place:  Bexley Cassingham Complex
Cost: $0

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Central Area Thespian Conference

This is a one day conference attended by high schoolers from all over Central Ohio.  During the day, students watch and present plays, and attend workshops taught by local theatre experts.  Students can also participate in the All-Area show.  For details, see the Thespian Opportunities page.  The Central Area STARs and STO plan and run this conference.  Please see the STARs page for more details.

For:  Grades 9-12
Date:  January 12
Est. Time:  7:30AM-5PM
Place:  Bexley HS
Cost: $20

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Jr. Thespian Conference

Students in grades 6-8 from all over the state of Ohio attend this conference every year.   Events occur over two days.  Day one is a fun night of improv sports.  Day two consists of watching plays, performing for others, and attending workshops taught by experts.  Jr. Thespians who attend Fall ThesFest plan their conference theme every year.  Official Jr. Thespians can also compete in the Individual Events (IEs) competition.  For more details, visit the Thespian Opportunities page.

For:  Grades 6-8
Friday, February 22
at 4PM to Saturday, February 23 at 7:30PM
Place:  Miller South (Akron)
Cost: $75

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State Thespian Conference

Held over three days, this conference allows students to network with other theatre students from all over Ohio while watching performances, and attending workshops taught by national theatre experts.  If chosen, troupes can perform shows.  Inducted Thespians can compete for scholarships, in Individual Events (IEs), and participate in the All-State Show.  Students can also audition for colleges and compete in a tech challenge.  For details, please see the Thespian Opportunities page.

For:  Grades 9-12
Leave March 29 around 4PM and arrive back March 31 around 4PM
Place: Firestone HS (Akron)
Cost:  $175

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International Thespian Festival

Held during the last week in June at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska, this is truly a festival that celebrates theatre by bringing together theatre students, teachers, and professionals from all over the country.  Attendees watch nationally recognized performances, attend workshops taught by national theatre professionals, and can compete in Individual Events on a national level (NIEs).

Visit the Thespian Festival website for more information.  

Want to attend Thespian Festival?  Contact Rebecca Rhinehart
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