Throughout the year, the Bexley Theatre Parents (BTP) fundraise in order to provide scholarships to Bexley theatre students attending conferences and outside theatre events as well as support for the Bexley Theatre Arts programs.

The four fundraisers the BTP and BTA are conducting during the 2017/2018 school year are:
1.  Selling candy and flowers during mainstage productions.  Click here to volunteer to help during a production.
2.  Drama Sitters Day Camp in December.  Click here to sign up a student for Drama Sitters Day Camp!
3.  Selling t-shirts and other theatre swag.  Click here to see this year's merchandise and download an order form!
4.  Selling advertisement space in all our mainstage show programs.  Click here to find out how to advertise and download a form. 

The Theatre Parents would LOVE your help selling candy and flowers during productions.  Go to the parents tab and click on a production's sign up sheet to volunteer!
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