HS One Act Cast List

Thank you to everyone who auditioned!  Everyone did a great job!   You are all awesome!

Please remember that in order to be in the one act, you must attend Central Area Thespian Conference on January 6th at Westerville Central High School.  Cost is $20.  Permission slips and money is due on December 20th.  Click here to download a permission slip.

The first rehearsal will be Monday, December 4th in the Dargusch Theater from 6:30-8:00PM.  Bring a highlighter and a pencil.  You can download rehearsal calendars off of the Forms page. 


Murder in the Knife Room Cast List

Mysterious Host:  Camden Burris

Wealthy Dowager:  Greta Nelson

Decrepit Invalid:  Zach Brooks

Pompous Millionaire:  Peter Morton

Respected General:  Dylan Halpin

Brainless Model:  Zoe Wenger

Boy Band Reject:  Noelle Smith

Probably-Faking-It Deaf-Mute/Inspector:  Felix Underwood

Slut:  Grace Sears

Santa Claus:  Brit Unangst

Spooky Pirate:  Clare Martin

Struggling Stand-Up Comic:  Emma Goodney

Reenacted Mysterious Host:  Dylan Abel

Pompous Millionaire Reenactors

Idea Pitcher 1:  Natalie Noble

Idea Pitcher 2:  Rachel Gold

Idea Pitcher 3:  Ellie Rauschenberg

Wealthy Dowager Reenactors

Poolside Widows Leader:  Natalie Noble

Poolside Widow 1:  Rachel Gold

Poolside Widow 2:  Ellie Rauschenberg

Poolside Widow 3:  Alex Jacobson

Poolside Widow 4:  Liam Flanigan

Respected General Reenactors

Captain Eo:  Rachel Gold

Lieutenant Smash:  Ellie Rauschenberg

Major Leaguebaseball:  Liam Flanigan

Brigadier General Francis X Hummel:  Natalie Noble

Boy Band Reject Reenactors

Brian:  Natalie Noble

Kevin:  Ellie Rauschenberg

AJ:  Alex Jacobson

Howie:  Liam Flanigan

Nick:  Rachel Gold

Struggling Stand-Up Comedian Reenactors

Laugh Hole Host:  Rachel Gold

Paramedic 1:  Natalie Noble

Paramedic 2:  Ellie Rauschenberg

Santa Claus Reenactors

Elf:  Alex Jacobson

Mall Child 1:  Natalie Noble

Mall Child 2:  Ellie Rauschenberg

Mall Child 3:  Rachel Gold

Mall Dad:  Liam Flanigan

Hot New Mom:  Random Audience Member

The Real Santa Claus:  Miguel Martinez

Spooky Pirate Reenactors

Matey 1: Alex Jacobson

Matey 2:  Natalie Noble

Matey 3:  Ellie Rauschenberg

Matey 4:  Rachel Gold

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