Individual Events

IEs are offered at State Thespian Conference, Jr Thespian Conference, and International Thespian Festival.  Students must be inducted Thespians/Jr Thespians in order to take part.  Participating in IEs gives a student the opportunity to show off he/her theatre skills in front of qualified judges in order to earn ranking such as superior, excellent, good, and fair.  Students earning two superior ratings are allowed to perform in a showcase as well as move on to International Thespian Festival and compete on an International level.

There are two types of IEs:  Performance and Technical Theatre.  Performance IEs will be performed in front of judges, while technical theatre IEs require the participant to submit a portfolio to the judges.  Although multiple entries in each category from one troupe can be submitted in Jr Thespians, each Thespian troupe can only submit one entry per IE category.  A student may only participate in one category.  Students participating in IEs pay an extra $5 charge added onto their conference fees.

IE Categories (ones with stars are only offered to Thespians)

Duet Acting
Group Acting
Solo Pantomime
Duet Pantomime
Solo Musical Theatre
Duet Musical Theatre
Group Musical Theatre
Solo Musical Theatre Dance
Duet Musical Theatre Dance
Group Musical Theatre Dance

Technical Theatre
Costume Design*
Costume Construction*
Lighting Design*
Makeup Design*
Properties Design*
Scenic Design*
Short Film
Sound Design*
Stage Management*
Theatre Marketing*

For the rules about  all IEs other than pantomime, makeup, musical theatre dance, and playwriting, click here.  For more information and rules for pantomime, makeup, musical theatre dance, properties, and playwrighting, click here.  E-mail or talk to Rebecca Rhinehart if you are interested in the other categories and/or if you want to participate in IEs.  All students who want to do an IE must talk to Rhinehart at least one and a half months prior to conference.
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