Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen Cast List

At every audition, my belief in the tremendous talent in the students of Bexley City Schools is reaffirmed, and the audition for this play was no exception.  Many, many students auditioned, and the poems were simply FABULOUS!  All students who auditioned should be commended for having the guts to go up on that stage in front of so many people and do such a great job.

My least favorite part of being a theatre director is the casting process, because some students always end up being left out.  While the play does offer a lot of roles, many of those who auditioned did not get parts not because their audition was bad, but rather because there simply weren’t enough parts to go around.  Casting this play was extremely difficult, and I thought long and hard about every role. 

For those of you who made the cast, congratulations.  Those on the cast are expected to attend the first rehearsal on  August 28th from 3:45-5:00PM.  We will meet in the Cassingham Cafeteria, and students can be picked up there at the end of rehearsal.  Students will be receiving scripts and information packets, including information about fees, at the first rehearsal.  Packets and calendars are also available for download on this website by going to the Students or Parents tab, clicking on Production Forms, and then clicking on Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen Forms.  The rehearsal chart by actor, which is the easiest way to know when you have rehearsal, is now also available on the Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen Forms page.

For those of you who did not make the cast, please do not take it personally or think you don't have talent.  EVERYONE who tried out had tremendous talent, and just attending auditions takes a huge amount of courage and audacity.  So many auditioned this year that everyone had a very short amount of time to make an impression.  So keep being dramatic in your free time and I really hope to see you at an audition next year.  

Also, if you are in grades 4-12 please consider interviewing for crew.  Crew interviews are on Monday, August 28th for last names A-L and Tuesday, August 29th for last names M-Z, both from 3:30-5:30 in the Cassingham Theater.  You will be allowed to leave after you interview.  Forms are available for download by going to the Students tab, clicking on Crew Interviews, and then clicking on the form you need under Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen.  Please note, however, that depending on how many students interview, we may not be able to keep everyone.  Having too many crew members is unsafe and there isn't enough for everyone to do.  Crew interviews are judged based on how much the student wants to be on crew as well as scheduling conflicts.  Last year we had 90 students interview for crew!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or have to miss the first rehearsal for any reason.

Thank you again to everyone who auditioned.  Bexley is truly a talented place!

Cast List

The Americans

Roger Goodman:  Jakob Robinson

George:  Ben Stebenne

Sarah Huffington:  Maddie Merzel

Kate:  Gracie Kay

Belinda:  Curie Sarkar

Lord Hector Huffington:  Gus Nusken

Lady Emma Huffington:  Gwen Goodney


Captain Blood’s Crew

Claude:  Wilson Klingelhofer

Maude:  Lillianna Carey

Parrot:  Liam Weaver

Sneak:  Kellen Diffley

Snaggle:  Emmett Dodge

Snoot:  Grayson Sherman

Snot (attends same rehearsals as Snoot)Fisher Ireland

Long John Silver:  Noah Mack


The Pirate Queen’s Crew

Laverne:  Sara Alhawari

Shirley:  Naomi Baker

Lucy:  Kayla Duffee

Ethel:  Emily Wasserstrom

Angelica (attends same rehearsals as Ethel):  Nadia Ronis

Eliza (attends same rehearsals as Ethel)Sofie McCoy

Peggy (attends same rehearsals as Ethel)Ava Marzich

The English

Captain Belvedere:  Sawyer Bartz


Bluebeard’s Crew

Bluebeard:  Jackson Elmore

Smudge:  Gabbie Theile 

Dandy:  Charlotte Salmon

Kiki:  Payton Theile

Miki:  Maddie Halpin

Creaky:  Annmarie Carleton

Hop (attends same rehearsals as Creaky)Isabel McBride

Skip (attends same rehearsals as Creaky)Addison Farley

Leap (attends same rehearsals as CreakyKamryn Brickerson

Jump (attends same rehearsals as Creaky)Valmir Tabaku

Bounce (attends same rehearsals as Creaky):  Wren Ruckel

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