Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Cast List

Here is the cast list for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Many, many great actors, singers, and dancers auditioned, and casting this play was extremely tough.  Unfortunately, as so many people auditioned, there were not enough parts for everyone.  We can’t all fit on the stage! 

If you did not get a part, please don’t take it personally.  Casting is a giant puzzle and not every talent falls into the right niche for the production.   Please consider joining the crew.  Crew is a great experience for all involved, and interviews are on Thursday, October 26th from 3:30-5:30PM in the Schottenstein Theater.  All you need to bring is something to write with.

Also know that there are many other ways you can participate in theatre at Bexley this year, including Ohio Jr Thespian State Conference in February, and the MS play The Hobbit in May (auditions in February).  Please check out this website for more details.

If you are cast, the first play practice for the WHOLE CAST will be on Wednesday, November 1st from 3:30-5:00PM in the Cassingham Theater.   (Narrators have rehearsal on Monday, Oct 30 and Joseph on Tuesday, Oct 31).  It is extremely important that you attend this first rehearsal as well as all rehearsals you are required to go to.  Scripts, vocal books, and rehearsal packets with additional information will be passed out during the first rehearsal.  You will also be taking your program photo (so remember to look good!), and getting measured for costumes.  Rehearsal packets and calendars will be available for download off this website under the tab Forms soon.   You can download the first few weeks of rehearsals by clicking here.  Please contact Ms Rhinehart at if you have any questions or concerns, or if you have to miss the first rehearsal for any reason.

Thank you again for auditioning!  It takes a lot of guts to get up there and audition, and having so many talented students is an amazing blessing, but also a curse when it comes to casting.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Cast List 

Narrator 1:  Tovah Blumenfeld

Narrator 2:  Olivia Millard

Narrator 3:  Ru Sivaraman

Joseph: Jackson Klingelhofer

Pharaoh:  Noah Salmon

Jacob:  Alex Nelson

Potiphar: Nolan Rothrock

Mrs. Potiphar: Scarlett Johnson

Baker:  Alissa Shyshkova

Butler:  Siddarth Sivaraman

Reuben (One More Angel):  Charlie Griffith

Angel (One More Angel featured solo):  Rose Clubok

Simeon (Those Canaan Days: chorus):  Duncan Johnson

Levi (Those Canaan Days: verse):  Michael Mabuza Jr.

Judah (Benjamin Calypso):  Luke Hill

Asher (Benjamin Calypso):  Talia Kahan

Dan:  John Laing

Naphtali: Caroline Ziegler

Gad:  Keira Murray

Issachar:  Daniella Curtiss

Zabulun:  Izzy Carleton

Benjamin:  Eli Abel

Sphinx: Sammie Ross

Queen Victoria:  Nora Cahill

Featured Dancers: 

 Cece Bowling, Adelaide Cahill, Rose Clubok, Lilliann George, Emily Gunther, Kate Magee, Maia Nelson, Sammie Ross, Jenna Ryan, Maggie Simonton, Nina Stevens


Eli Abel, Rylee Barno, Sara Benedict, Cece Bowling, Adelaide Cahill, Nora Cahill, Gwendolyn Canfield, Izzy Carleton, Rose Clubok, Daniela Curtiss, Simon Davis, Luc Forbes, Ben Gillman, Lilliann George, Charlie Griffith, Emily Gunther, Skyler Hall, Luke Hill, Duncan Johnson, Scarlett Johnson, Talia Kahan, Alina Lacki, John Laing, Michael Mabuza Jr., Kate Magee, Ava McCoy, Lin McDow, Keira Murray, Alex Nelson, Maia Nelson, Marshall Newman, Matthew Newman, Noa Pitstick, Ava Reiser, Sammie Ross, Nolan Rothrock, Cece Rutherford, Colin Ryan, Jenna Ryan, Noah Salmon, Aubrey Sanfilippo, Alissa Shyshkova, Maggie Simonton, Siddarth Sivaraman, Hayden Spector, Nina Stevens, Fiona Sullivan, Emily White, Abigail Zbacnik, Caroline Ziegler, Justin Zordan


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