Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Crew List

Thank you so much for interviewing for crew.  We had around 70 students interview for crew for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, many of whom have been on crew before, and for safety reasons we simply couldn't keep everyone. 

Usually a student is cut from crew for several reasons: 
1.  He/she has a lot of conflicts with builds/shows or missed important crew dates in the past  
2.  He/she does not follow directions well or goofs off when supposed to be working or during crew interviews  
3.  He/she does not show enough interest.     

It is really hard to make cuts.  Bexley Theatre Arts believes that every student who wants to participate in theatre should have that chance, however, in the past when there have been far too many students on crew (as well as in the cast), the combo of not enough supervision and not enough to do becomes a huge detriment to the show, increases frustration, less work gets done because there are too many people to manage, and no one ends up having a good time.

Please, please know that cutting students from a list is nothing personal.  It's mainly about the numbers.  Both Stephen and I do not want this to be the end of your theatre journey.  For students in middle school there is still the Jr. Thespian Conference in February, and the play, The Hobbit, in May (auditions/interviews in February).  And students are welcome to interview for crew for our remaining high school show,  Baskerville.

The first crew meeting for ALL CREWS will be on Tuesday, November 28th from 3:30-5:30PM.  Please meet in the Cassingham Complex Cafeteria.  Wondering why crew isn't meeting until then?  That's because the theatre department is currently working on another show, the HS musical , which won't be finished until Thanksgiving.  Please meet by the cage area behind the HS theater.  Wear clothing you can work in / get dirty, and closed-toed, thick-soled shoes.   Long hair must be tied back.  Packets and fees are DUE the first day of crew.  You can download them off of the Forms page on this website along with the crew calendar.   Please note, you must turn in BOTH the checks and fees page and the forms in the crew packet.  You can turn them in earlier by putting them in Rebecca Rhinehart's HS mailbox.  The crew calendar will be available to download from the production forms page by the end of this week.  

Thanks again for interviewing and we look forward to working with you!

Stage Manager:  Brit Unangst
Assistant Stage Managers:  Will Blank, Camden Burris, Rosa Ferdelman
Assistant Directors:  Viviane Banion, Nate Eisenberg, Emma Goodney, Mary Goodney, Maggie McDow,
Katie Millard, Noelle Smith, Zoe Wenger
Assistant Choreographers:  Emma Beckman, Mimi Calhoun, Clare Martin, Spencer Stevenson

Julia Blank, Max Dietz, Delia Grantham, Alex Jacobson, Ellie Rauschenberg

Zachary Adkins, Ethan Applefeld, Isaac Bonowitz, Blake Brenner, Mitchell Cohen, Megan Cooper, Jalen Cuyun Carter, Mary Dunn, Claire Dupler, Samuel Grayson, Evie Holzhall, Anna Hughes, Gabriel LaFortune, Ryan Nack, Lina Ordonez, Nikolas Robinson, Elizabeth Rocco, Jordan Steinbrook

Maria Cantrell, Mia Ehrsam, David Levy, Alex Peyton

Lauren Beck, Sydney Eisen, Samantha Foreman, Rylie Wilson, Skyler Wilson

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