Jr Thespian Troupe 88658

About Jr. Thespians

Junior Thespian Troupe 88658 is an active troupe in the International Thespian Society. ITS is an association of theatre educators and schools whose focus is on maintaining a theatre learning community where talent and art are shared, new skills are learned, and the whole of theatre is explored.

In order to become an official Jr. Thespian, middle school students (grades 6 through 8) must earn at least 10 Jr. Thespian points and participate in at least two theatre productions. Points are given based on the official Jr. Thespian point system, which awards points for the amount of work and level of dedication the student has shown during participation in productions, YouTheatre Camps, and other theatre activities. Jr. Thespian inductions occur at the Theatre Banquet each spring.

Being a Jr. Thespian has its benefits. Each member earns awards with points and can participate in Individual Events contests at conferences. Students must be official Jr. Thespians in order to be appointed to the Jr. Thespian Board. Ten Jr. Thespian points carry over to Thespian points when a Jr Thespian graduates from 8th grade. 

Not a Jr. Thespian? Don't worry! You can still come to all the meetings, go to conference, and participate in productions. Plus, you'll be earning points so you can become a Jr. Thespian even quicker!

2017/2018 Jr. Thespian Board

Olivia Millard

Jackson Klingelhofer

John Laing

Sofia Guzman

Nina Stevens

Maggie Evans-Simonton

Talia Kahan
Technical Reps
Will Blank
Samuel Grayson

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