Wish LIst

Producing quality productions always requires a lot of stuff, be it technical or antique.  We greatly appreciate donations, information on discounts, and contact information for businesses interested in supporting Bexley Theatre Arts. If you have anything you are willing to donate, please contact Rebecca Rhinehart at rebecca.rhinehart@bexleyschools.org.

This season, we are specifically looking for these items.

  • Renaissance and fairy tale costumes for all sizes
  • 1920s costumes
  • chef outfits
  • tap shoes of all sizes
  • smaller boys formal suits (for middle school and elementary school students
  • late 1800s dresses, shirts, hats, and shoes
  • cowboy/cowgirl hats and gear
  • roller skates of all sizes
Furniture and
Set Pieces
  • Victorian wing backed chairs
  • Two padded indoor chaise lounges
  • Wooden outdoor chaise lounge
  • 1920s art deco furniture (mirror, couch, chairs, end table, table and chairs, bed)
  • padded benches
  • modern kitchen cabinets
  • modern stove (does not have to work)
  • modern kitchen sink
  • modern refrigerator (does not have to work)
  • microwave (does not have to work)
  • small rowboat
  • large tents
  • record player (can be modern)
  • records
  • very large antique looking book
  • fake swords and weapons
  • fencing swords
  • prop rifles, esp. cap rifles
  • modern kitchen items and décor
  • all paintings, framed and unframed (unframed preferred)
  • Truck or utility van to be used as permanent Theatre arts vehicle (for Lowe's runs)
  • Any size staging or platforming
  • Quality keyboard piano
  • All kinds of power tools
  • All kinds of building materials
  • Extension cords
Gift Cards
  • Lowes
  • JoAnn Fabrics
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Kroger
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