STudent Area RepresentativeS

STARs is an AMAZING way to meet and work with theatre students from all over Central Ohio while planning and helping run Central Area Conference. STARs are reponsible for the Area Conference theme, as well as conference t-shirt, decor, opening and closing, what workshops are taught, what food is served, and much much more.  STARs are lead by the Central Area STO.  To learn more about becoming an STO, click here.

 In order to becoming a STAR, you have to:
1.  be in grades 9-12 (you don't have to be an inducted Thespian)
2.  love theatre and working with others
3.  fill out the STARs paperwork
4.  attend all STARs meetings (you can miss 1)
5.  attend Central Area Thespian conference (Jan 6th at Westerville Central HS)

2017/2018 STARs Meeting Dates
October 22nd 5:30-7:00PM Bexley High School
November 19th 5:30-7:00PM  Bexley High School
December 10th  5:30-7:00PM  Bexley High School
January 3rd  6:30-9PM  Westerville Central High School
January 5th 5:00-??  Westerville Central High School

Click below to download the STARs paperwork.  Just fill it out and bring it to the first meeting!
STARS Contact Form (Word)
STARs Contact Form (PDF)
STARS Emergency Medical Form (Word)
STARS Emergency Medical Form (PDF)

Past Area Conference Themes
2016/2017:  Thespian League (a super hero theme)
2015/2016:  Pajama Jam (a sleepover theme)
2014/2015:  'Stache Bash (a celebration of all things mustache)
2013/2014:  Dramacide (a murder mystery theme)
2012/2013:  Theatarrrrrrr (a pirate theme)
2011/2012:  Planet Thespian (outer space)
2010/2011:  Man vs. Theatre (survival)
2009/2010:  Thespians in Black (sci-fi secret agent)
2008/2009:  Solve it the Thespis Way (Captain Thespis)
2007/2008:  OTS (Obsessive Thespian Syndrome)
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