STO stands for State Thespian Officer

Every year, six high school students in Ohio earn the title of STO, one per area (Central, North, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest).  STOs represents the students from their area on the Ohio Educational Theatre Association (OEdTA) board, and they attend all board meetings and retreats and have the same voting rights as adult members.  This year, the position of Jr. STO has been created for two Jr. Thespians from Ohio.

High School STO responsibilities include:
  • Attend Interntional Thespian Festival for a week in late June
  • Attend all OEdTA board meetings and retreats
  • Plan Thespian LEAD and run leadership activities for Thespians and Jr. Thespians
  • Hold and lead STARs meetings
  • Communicate with all STARs about meetings and events
  • Contact and communicate with Thespians from your area
  • Advocate the importance of Thespians and theatre within your area
  • Screen shows for State Conference
  • Plan and run State Thespian Conference
  • Help run Jr Thespian Conference
Jr. Thespian STO responsibilities include:
  • Attend December and Feburary OEdTA board meetings
  • Contact and communicate with Jr. Thespians from all over Ohio
  • Advocate the importance of  Jr. Thespians in Ohio
  • Plan and run Jr. Thespian Conference
  • Attend and help run State Thespian Conference

Becoming an STO is an excellent way to make a big impact on school theatre in the state of Ohio!

In order to become a high school STO, you need to:
1.  Attend STARs meetings.  Click here for details.
2.  Be an official inducted Thespian or Jr. Thespian
3.  Complete an application.  Download the high school application here.  (Due Feb. 1st)
4.  Be interviewed by adult board representatives in Central Area in February.

In order to become a Jr. STO, you need to:
1.  Be an official inducted Jr. Thespian
2.  Complete an application by October 1st.  Download the Jr. STO application here.
3.  Attend Thespian LEAD on October 7th.  Download the permission slip here (due Sept. 18th).
4.  Interview at Jr. Thespian LEAD

Bexley is honored to have four STOs:  Abram Blau (2012/2013), William Bowman (2013/2014), Daisy James-Weidner (2014/2015), Brit Unangst (2017/2018), and two Jr. STOs:  Mimi Calhoun and Coco Gonzalez (2016/2017)

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