The Bexley Theatre Parents do fundraising throughout the year in order to provide scholarships for all Bexley Theatre students to attend conferences and theatre events as well as larger summer camps and outside theatre activities.  A students parent(s) must be members of the Bexley Theatre Parents for that particular school year in order to receive a scholarship.  Click here to learn more about membership.

There are two ways to earn scholarships:
1.  For scholarships to attend conferences and events:  Talk to or email Rebecca Rhinehart.  All scholarships and scholarship inquires are kept strictly confidential.
2.  For summer events and outside theatre activities:  Download and fill out the scholarship application form by clicking here and turn it into Rebecca Rhinehart who will give it to the Theatre Parents board for review.  Scholarship applications should be turned in at least two months before the activity/event occurs and will be approved/denied within a month of receipt.

Click here to download more information about Bexley Theatre Parent scholarships.

Want to help support the Bexley Theatre Parents scholarship fund?  Click here to visit the fundraising page.
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