This is a class for serious technical theatre students.  The class focuses on improving students' skills in all technical theatre areas and creating their portfolios.  Students will choose their focus areas (set, lights, sound, costumes, props) and will becoming head designers/programmers for Theatre Ensemble productions.  They are required to be on crew for Theatre Ensemble productions and will have to attend after school rehearsals, as well as building for Bexley Theatre Arts productions.  Students will be using power tools and doing some heavy lifting during this class.  For more information about Theatre Ensemble productions, click here.  

When:  7th period, spring semester
Prerequisite:  Introduction to Theatre and/or previous theatre experience in Bexley Theatre Arts productions
For:  serious theatre students in Grades 9-12

All assignments, resources, the syllabus and class calendar are available on Sakai for current students and parents.
Click here to access Sakai.

Goals of this class:
  • Learn the value of theatre in society
  • Gain general knowledge of theatre including terms, the people, and the process
  • Understand parts of script/dramatic literature and be able to analyze scripts
  • Explore the basics of directing, lighting, sound, costuming, and makeup
  • Gain real theatre tech experiences by working on several plays that are performed in front of live audiences
  • Discover different theatre forms, such as masks, mime, puppetry, television, and film
  • Gain the ability to critically examine a theatre performance based on conventions, script analysis, design, and acting
  • Understand the basics of building a set
  • Create a theatre tech portfolio
Topics Covered in this Class:
This class will be addressing the following topics through creative, hands on projects:
  • The Production Process
  • Theatre Vocabulary
  • People in Theatre
  • Modern Theatre Conventions
  • Script Analysis
  • Theatre Analysis
  • Types of Theatre, including Masks, Puppetry, Mime, Television, and Film
  • Parts of a Play
  • Set Design
  • Light Design
  • Sound Design
  • Costume Design
  • Makeup Design
  • Props Management/Design
  • Stage Management
  • Directing
  • Designing for Real Plays
  • Portfolio Creation
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