Tech Challenge

Tech challenge is a great event for Thespian and Jr. Thespian techies, and anyone else who is curious about technical theatre.  Tech Challenges are held at both State Thespian Conference as well as Jr. Thespian Conference and International Thespian Festival.  While anyone can participate at Jr. Thespian Conference, Thespian Troupes must enter teams.  These teams compete for amazing prizes.  

Every year, there are different events in which the teams compete.  These events all have to do with technical theatre, and range from drop folding and quick costume changes, to using a set plot, focusing a light fixture, setting up sound equipement, and making items using duct tape.  No matter which events are chosen, tech challenge is always a great time!

Please contact Rebecca Rhinehart if you are a high schooler interested in tech challenge.  All in grades 6-8 who attend Jr. Thespian Conference automatically participate.
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