Theatre Ensemble

This is a class for serious actors.  Students will work on advanced acting techniques and their resumes, as well as perform in a least two productions during the semester.  Students are required to attend a few after school rehearsals and memorize lines.  For more information about Theatre Ensemble plays, click here.

When:  6th period, spring semester
Prerequisite:  Introduction to Theatre and/or previous theatre experience in Bexley Theatre Arts productions
For: serious theatre students in Grades 9-12

All assignments, resources, the syllabus and class calendar are available on Sakai for current students and parents.
Click here to access Sakai.

Goals of this class:
  • Learn the value of theatre in society
  • Gain general knowledge of theatre including terms, the people, and the process
  • Understand parts of script/dramatic literature and be able to analyze scripts
  • Explore the basics of acting, directing, lighting, sound, costuming, and makeup
  • Gain real acting and directing experience by working on several plays and performing in front of live audiences
  • Discover different theatre forms, such as masks, mime, puppetry, television, and film
  • Gain the ability to critically examine a theatre performance based on conventions, script analysis, design, and acting
  • Understand the basics of creating a character
  • Learn tricks and techniques of acting, including movement and voice
  • Learn several monologues and dialogues to expand repertoire
  • Create an acting resume
Topics Covered in this Class:
This class will be addressing the following topics through creative, hands on projects:
  • The Production Process
  • Theatre Vocabulary
  • People in Theatre
  • Theatre History, including Greek, Shakespearian, and Japanese Drama
  • Modern Theatre Conventions
  • Script Analysis
  • Theatre Analysis
  • Types of Theatre, including Masks, Puppetry, Mime, Television, and Film
  • Theatre Tech, including Design and Props
  • Directing and Stage Management
  • Acting, including Movement, Voice, Improvisation, and Character Workshop
  • Creating and Designing a Real Play
  • Monologue, Resumes, and Auditions Workshops
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