Ways to Volunteer

The Bexley Theatre Arts Department couldn't exist as it is without the amazing help from many, many parent voluteers.  Parents help with front of house during performances, provide meals during long tech week hours, staff conferences and events when Bexley hosts, help with publicity and fundraisers, and countless other ways.

Here are some of the main volunteer positions we need throughout the year.

Production Voluteers
Volunteers are needed in these positions for every mainstage production.

Parent Coordinator:  Makes sure all volunteer positions are filled and communicates with parents about position expectations.  Checks in with parents during the production.

Meal Coordinator:  Orders meals and coordinates snacks during tech rehearsal and dress rehearsals.  Usually there are 2 or 3 meals and 1 snack.  Coordinates cake and pizza for company party.

Meal/Snack Servers:  Set up and serve meals and snacks to cast and crew during tech week and clean up after.

Box Office:  Sells tickets prior to show

Flowers/Snack Bar:  Sells flowers and candy before show and during intermission.  Helps deliver flower/candy grams to cafeteria.

Company Party Hosts:  Hosts the company party which is usually after the last production.

Company Party Chaperones:  Helps host with company party, pizza and cake.

Event Volunteers
Volunteers are needed in these positions for every event we host.

Meal Servers:  Set up, serve and clean up after meals

Snack Bar Workers:  Set up snack bar and sell during event.  

Hospitality Room:  Maintain snacks and coffee in the adult hospitality room

Building Guidence:  Help make sure no one gets lost in our building

Theatre Parent Board Positions
The Theatre Parents are always looking for parents who want to take leadership positions in the organization.  Positions are one year long.

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